Here are the details about all trades.  
  If I missed something just ask please.  
  Before you contact me for the fist time please read everything in full here, thank you.  
  Welcome, Bienvenido, 欢迎, Welkom, Benvenuto, Willkommen, Bienvenue, υποδοχή, 歓迎, Boa vinda, 환영, добро пожаловать  
  First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in trading videos with me, collecting music videos its my favorite  
  pastime, I been in this for many years and this gives me the chance to make new friends all over the world!!!.  
  My greatest motivation to collect "music videos" its because all this history of the music, its a legacy should be preserved  
  for our kids, so they can appreciate music that was not part of their era, its amazing how kids now a day love  
  and enjoy music from the 70's and 80's, if you introduce them to it of course.  
  I am a big fan of music and my humble opinion is that the best decade was the 1980's.  
  Most of the videos on my collection are from 80's and live presentations during those years, of course I have  
  excellent videos from previous decades such 50's 60's & 70's and of course 90's and today, but my interest is centered  
  on the 80's decade including one year before 1979 and one year after 1990 to cover at most this era.  
  I speciallize in 1980's videos, donít get fooled by people who tell they are professionals on this over the internet,  
  it's very likely that what they are trying to trade you comes from me, it's sad, these people donít have respect.  
  What I collect its mainly Promo Videos without any kind of TV logo (s), I donít trade most of the time unless its  
  a very rare video, any capture or recording from any TV program (MTV, VH1, etc) I want videos without  
  any TV logo on them, clean versions, unless indicated, since I collect music video subscriptions for profesional VJ's  
  I have no problems for a brief tag less than a second with the name of the artist and the video suscription otherwise  
  the videos are clean versions and logo free.  
  I have complete or at least very close to complete set lists from most of the famous VJ Video Professional Subscriptions,  
  and its an honor that you find my page useful in terms of information, thank you for your visit!!!, I will continue  
  my hard work to list everything properly and provide anyone that likes music videos with the most information I possibly  
  can, this online list started as a catalogue to trade only, but people told me that they found it useful to find videos due a  
  lack of information about video companies. Any extra info is not listed on the web and you want to share to help others  
  is most welcomed, I created all this by myself and it takes time for all this work by one single person so please bare with  
  me if I donít list everything I have fast, its an slow process but I am at about 80% listed.  
  People ask me if I am a DJ or VJ or show my videos in any public places, the answer is NO! this is only a hobbie  
  and no video listed on this site is distributed or shared unless for a private trade, this is only for my unique personal††  
  enjoyment. So its extremely important to say that this collection is private, I donít distribute freely in any way copyrighted  
  material I respect companies and artists rights, so I donít want to screw or mess with this in any way, I collect music†††  
  videos and the trade I do with other collectors is just for fun to get stuff I donít have and I wish to have, but this are††  
  between individuals 1 on 1 and never ever I will make it available to all general public, I donít support file or media sharing  
  all this collection took me years, time and money that I invest buying tapes over the years this site its just a nice looking  
  list ofwhat I have which took me a life to get together, 28 years of collect music videos means that most of the video  
  footage is on allkinds of old media devices, analog and digital sources such as:  
  Also I want to be very straight and honest, I donít collect "bootlegs" or "live recordings of artists", I have only a few  
  concerts because they are rare and I personally like those artists, but in this case I like only "Pro-Shots" not audience  
  recordings of any kind, I hate these ones, I mainly trade video subscriptions for video subscriptions not for any  
  bootleg or TV show on DVD, just equal for equal. Unless I want something of this.  
  Please a huge favor, donít write me mails with petitions to upload you this and that, directly to your email  
  address, first understand that my videos are not computer files, most of them are on DVDs, Tapes (Umatic 3/4,  
  VHS), Laserdics etcÖ so takes time to locate the video and digitilize it, not to mention that I donít distribute  
  to general public just because you ask, all kinds of this inquiries will be generally ignored, I apologize  
  but some people that think that my web is some kind share server! And its not by all means, this is just a list.  
  and its not available to download on any way.  
  I reply to any legit message, but if I donít reply to your petition messages you know why please donít insist.  
  Before I explain the regular trades, I offer to any one who has original media that wants to transfer into digital (DVD)  
  professionally with max quality 8000kbps and lpcm audio, I can help you in transfer this media using this hardware :  
  VCR = Panasonic S-VHS Professional Desktop Editor Model AG-1980 with (Amorphous 4 head with TBC) best one ever.  
  U-Matic Player = Sony VO-9850 player with TBC (XLR audio outputs), very high quality transfers all with PCM audio.  
  Laserdisc Player = Pioneer Model CLD-D703 this gives the same results as the mayority of the high end LD players.  
  DVD Recorder = Pioneer DVR-560H-S (International model) record with LPCM Audio and a bitrate of 8000kbps.  
  All this hardware is not a coicidence its been selected based on years of research, and the results speak for themselves  
  with these systems the transfers will come out in most of cases, pristine and crystal clear, if the original media is in  
  good condition, transfer into digital is an essential project of video preservation for future generations.  
  Now here is all about how I trade and what I doÖ  
  First of all, I need to see what you have, I cannot trade in blind, please if you have some kind of list of videos or better a list  
  of your reel's*** and/or DVD's, please forward to me a copy, this is essential.  
  My interest in trades is mainly trades for full volumes / reels of professional VJ video subscriptions, I like to complete series  
  so my goal is to get FULL sets / collections not just parts, so any missed volume (month/year) I donít have on my  
  collection it's a potential blank check to trade with me. Please see my wanted list of reels. CLICK HERE  
  Once we select volumes to trade and selections are made based on complete DVD's or custom DVD compilations we  
  have to agree on the same shipment date.  
  Custom DVD's are extremely time consuming but I am able to do it upon request, please consider than 1 custom video  
  compilation of 15 videos its worth for an equal or 2 copies of pre-assembled reels or volumes, now here is a limitation  
  I want to be very honest on this to avoid confusion, I will not do this type of trade beyond 75 videos! no esceptions period  
  in other words, 75 selected videos will be traded for 10 copies of any reels/dvds, this limitation is basically easy to  
  understand, for you transfer 10 reels to dvds as they are its quite easy and fast, but for me to assemble 75 videos on  
  DVDs its probably 3 days of my time, so I will not waste my precious time to get a few DVDs back, and of course any  
  reels as is 1 on 1 trade basis, also please have in mind that I may not have all the videos you select in the same quality,  
  but I can guarantee you that I will use the best quality available to assemble your compilation (please see codes section).  
  I use the latest technology to preserve the clips as they are in the original source, but note, I donít deal with the audio  
  and or replace the audio with an mp3 or flac, all clips comes with their original audio in most of the cases is from DOLBY  
  to excellent PCM, very few have mono or low audio problems, if this happen I let you know before assemble your DVD.  
  Also I donít edit videos and donít have time to do so, so please donít ask me if I can stretch the image or cut an edge or  
  enhance the colors, I donít do this because I donít have time to do this, its hard to keep the things up to date with just  
  keep everything on my lists properly listed and organized, this is only my hobbie that I love, not my work.  
  Also please bare with me the time I take in making a custom comiplation sometimes is longer than I and you expect.  
  Remember most of the videos comes from tapes (U-Matic, VHS, and Laserdiscs) they are not come from DVD's because  
  they have never been released in digital format and even original DVDs produced professionally were made with  
  videos from master copies not originally recorded on digital, then in a laboratory they cut the buttom, top, side edges  
  and clean / soft the image to enhance colors on image plus remaster the audio track to restore them and made them look  
  like digital copies, we are talking about videos recorded 20 - 30 years ago, so you will not find such digital copies  
  anywere. But the majority of my videos on reels such Rockamerica & Telegenics are in top notch audio/video quality,  
  or at least in the best quality you may find, believe me.  
  I trade in the USA and rest of the world (International), for US I usually use is USPS Priority Mail with delivery  
  confirmation 2 days to deliver and / or first class on a regular basis allow 3 to 5 days to deliver.  
  For International mail I will send you by USPS International First Class no track numbers available sorry, in "first world"  
  countries the mail is very trustful so please allow 10 - 25 days to deliver, in other countries I cannot guaranteed deliver  
  time but I'm always available to re-send the whole thing if pack is lost.  
  ***Update, recently I found a way to sent international packs using International Express Mail with Confirmation this  
  will deliver in 5 - 7 days, guaranteed with tacking number, but is not cheap, its around $35 dollars to send around  
  15 - 20 DVDs to any place on the world and 100% trustful.  
  I always use DVD-R not RW because these are more reliable and compatible with most home DVD players, if you want  
  something specific please ask, also I need that you use this kind of blank media, I have a lot of problems with DVD+R RW  
  and DVD+R not RW and that "Redundancy Cyclic error" is more common on these media in my experience. Also please  
  absolutely NO STICKERS on DVD's unless a complete surface sticker for this purpose, stickers misbalance the players,  
  also please do not write on the discs just add a piece of paper or a post it on it with the info.  
  (please use known brands for blank media as I do, such Verbatim, Sony, Fuji, Maxell etc. all in DVD-R not RW please)  
  Also I want to say that I dont send artwork of any kind with the DVD's, in many cases the mayority of the reels comes  
  from tapes with an old paper hardly readable on it, so if you want a printout of what the reels contains please ask for it and  
  will be my own setlist of the reel, as per covers and artwork I can email what I have if have something, and I never send  
  using jewel cases because the volume and weight increases the price on the shipment, but I guarantee you that your  
  media will be shipped absolutely in the best possible way, protected and tight to grant the optimum condition.  
  After the years of trade experience I can predict who is a fake trader and who is real trader but in order to have a fair  
  trade. What I usually do... and this is only on our first trade is:  
  You have to send your part first and once I receive your stuff I will send mine, this is only to know you for the first time  
  we trade, after that all will be based on the trust and good faith as I usually do.  
  If I contact you first and the offer of the trade comes from me, and you mistrust I can send you all your selections and  
  once you have everything at you and verify that you receive all you request you can sent mine, but usually this is not  
  the case and we can agree the date of shipment based on mutual trust.  
  Over the years I just have a couple of minor issues with bad traders, and these guys lose their chance to trade videos  
  with me. People to fail send videos or theif on trades, I will tell anybody I know who you are to be banned permanently  
  from trades with me and with anyone I know, so I will be happy to provide with name, address, email, website of such  
  thieves to anyone who ask me for this information will be my pleasure to disclose who is not a fair player.  
  Blacklist (I have 2, one from US and one from Russia).  
  Please just consider this... very few or no one beside Rockamerica / Telegenics ETV Network companies, have all these  
  reel's together, its impossible to compile a collection such mine, without honor my word on the trades.  
  Trades are a very serious things for me.  
  My main interest is to get reel's transferred on digital to preserve the video so im trying hard to trade / borrow and buy  
  tapes specially U-Matics from Rockamerica & Telegenics mainly and form all other video subscriptions such as Wolfram  
  Lawrence Enterprises, National Video Service, VideoLink, ETV Network, Video Pool , Video Pool (UK) etc. All welcome.  
  You can see here what reels I'm seeking    
  *** Reel : This is the common term to define a U-Matic 3/4 Tape / VHS Tape / Betacam Tape, professional formats of  
  videocassettes used for the companies who offer video subscriptions in the 1980's years. Most preserve high quality.  
  The videotape was 3/4 inches (1.9 cm) wide, so the format is often known as three-quarter-inch or simply three-quarter  
  U-matic was named after the shape of the tape path when it was threaded around the helical video head drum, which  
  resembled the letter U. Betamax used this same type of "U-load" as well.  
  You can see here what rare videos I'm seeking      
  Also before I end I want to emphasis something and I think the most important thing speaking about music videos and it's  
  the QUALITY, Audio and Video, the majority of the videos on my collection are in the most high quality you may find  
  a lot of people claim to have real music video collections but there's a bunch of fake collections out there with really  
  terrible quality on their videos, a lot of these people get the videos from sties such as YouTube with worst than crappy  
  quality, also get videos only from p2p networks which is fine but unfortunately is a lottery to find a clip in optimum  
  conditions so I guaranteed you that none of mine is a YouTube rip, not even one, I prefer not have the video, I say this  
  because I donít want to trade and receive a piece of nothing from these kind of sites, and if your videos are downloaded  
  from p2p networks, perfect! just please let me know in advance the ones in med/low quality, I understand that some jewels  
  are not possible to get in better quality, I am not reluctant to get them just let me know please, as well as I let you know  
  what videos you select from my collection are in medium quality, some of the videos I have specially the very rare with  
  the tag (2) are there and will be there for years since there are no source for a better copy, even on my reel collection  
  of video subscriptions, therefore I'm always renewing the videos in low quality when possible so I like to be absolutely  
  honest on the trades since the begining this is my way to trade, no bad surprises and everybody is happy.  
  This is a proof of the quality I use to have in most of my transfers, I will not fool anybody because I hate videos  
  with compression (avi, mpg, etc) all my videos are true transfers and looks exactly as they look on the tape.  
  Please download the file and see it yourself. (Telegenics and Rockamerica have mostly the same quality in the  
  mayority of the transfers unless I mention different on the details)  
  Audio in most of the transfers is LPCM (Linear pulse code modulation) in case you donít know this is audio with  
  no compression and with superior sound quality over the AC3 that is more common in most of the compressed  
  formats, and of course DOLBY Digital Audio which is also very good, but most Vjs and Djs prefer PCM Audio for  
  superior performance and audio experience even in the most large places, with this im not saying that DOLBY  
  Digital it's less quality but I do prefer if I can choose, PCM Audio over any other audio formats.  
  One last thing please since this is not my full time work and I donít make any profit of this, its just a project because I love  
  music and want to preserve it in the best possible way sometimes could take me a little bit but never too much, have ready  
  your petitions on a trade, please be patient once we agree a trade its a trade I am a man of honor.  
  I never ever leave anyone hanging with anything you can ask, not even one over years and years of trade.  
  It is not necessary to send mails every 3 days checking the status of our trade if I delay its because you can be sure  
  that I am working on your stuff and sometimes I need to invest more time in order to get everything in the best possible  
  quality available, also most of the videos I have them in more than one source so I need to compare to find you the  
  better version I have.  
  Hope I am not missing anything else thanks for read all this and now lets trade !!!Ö  
  PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT BELOW JUST (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS) Now in Excel database work with any version   
  If you want to check any video in my database in a quick way, please refer to this database click below:  
  Note** first time you load this video database will take aprox 2 - 3 minutes in load, only for the first time, the following  
  attempts will be faster.